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"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation". Parents may make the most improvements throughout their career programs and use them as an opportunity to learn and make adjustments before their real CBSE Board final exams and competetive exams like NEET, IITJEE, CLAT, AIMS, JIPMER, etc...

Online Practice Tests

improves the self confidence Level

Cracking a competitive entrance exam is not easy without hard work and continuous practice. "Practice Makes a Man Perfect!" Surely it does. To keep a track of your child's progress from where they have started and how far they have progressed, you need to evaluate their capabilities from time to time.

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Effective Time Management

Time Management plays an important role in getting success or failure in their career related competetive exams. with the help of QB365 parents can improve their children's time management skills. QB365 provide variety of online practice tests. Attempting tests in the online mode will substantially improve your children's Time Management skills .

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How it will be helpful

Adequate practice plays a vital role in clearing of their competitive and Entrance Exams..

Improve Preparation level

Attempting Mock Tests through the preparation will help them to gauge their preparation level at different stages during the examination.

Instant Results

No need to wait for a day or week for getting results. QB365 provides immediate result, hence enhancing effective learning.

Finding weak areas

practice tests reports provides complete report about your children's, which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus future learning on weak areas.

Speed and Accuracy

Attempting more and more Online Mock Tests will gradually enhance their Speed & Accuracy of attempt. You can observe that with each subsequent attempt, the amount of time devoted per question and section will reduce and their speed will elevate.

Exposure to Creative Questions

Another significant advantage offered by the QB365 is that they provide exposure to new and different varieties of questions which is usually not achievable through the restricted number of questions available in books.

Reality Check

Taking a test doesn't just measure how much you know, also know where you stand in the crowd.

Friendly Relationship with Childrens

As children become more confident practicing on Online practice tests, it won't be necessary to supervise each and every round of practice questions. Children enjoy the autonomy this unique learning platform brings.Final Report contains a list of topics that still need further work (appearing as questions they got wrong, along with the answers). The report is a brilliant additional resource for improving their academic performance.


QB365 Provides various options to measure your children's academic performance

Academic + career Growth

With the Help of QB365 parenting portal , you can measure your children's academic performances and current level of career related preparations

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