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Fees 365 - Home Page

Making It Painless with Fees365 Automation

Make your finance sector simple & effortless with fees automation software, Where you can manage fees head, categorizes fees structure and get the instant reports.

User- Friendly

It makes the users feel comfortable with user-friendly and easy handling of fee.


It assigns fee structure automatically. Issue fee receipt to a students with few clicks of mouse.


It is highly secure with easy account management and role-based access control in a multi-user environment.

Fees Management System

Fee management system, solves many problems and helps users to keep track of fee payments in real time. No more manual records or calculations on sheets of paper.

  • Flexible

    Fee automation allows you to customize fee structure based on your unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease.

  • Automate Student Fee

    Automate the fee collection easier to schedule course fee installment plan for every new admission. So that students know when the fee payment is due.

  • Bill & Receipt

    For every payment, fee bill can generate automatically from the system to authenticate a traction.u

Why FEES365?

Managing a collection of school fees, issuing fee receipts and fee register updating is a laborious manual process, leading to data inaccuracy. Fee management system solves many problems and helps users to keep track of fee payments in real time. No more manual records or calculations on sheets of paper.


FEES365 especially boost up and automate the task of fees collection. The main objective of this system is to eliminate the human errors and improve the quality of the system.

  • Saves Time

    Automated system reduces the workload of the office staff reduces the time. auto-invoicing save the time.

  • Paperless Work

    No need of manual work, calculation of fees. It is fast and easy collection of fees. Reduce data re-entry.

  • Increase Revenue

    Collection of online fees increase the fees collection and it involve lesser workforce for the office staffs.

Main Modules

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Student Registration

Student registration with details.

Time Saving

Time Saving System Fees Management. Easy to access System

Reduced Workload

Reduced workload for accounts & office staff. No chance of error

Ease of access

Easy to access Student Ledger Details. Easy to access Fee Head details

How it Works?

Automated fees collection software is an advanced fees collection management system, which helps to eliminate the human error, reduce data re-entry. All the data's and reports are stored in the cloud, so you can access anywhere and paperless environment helps your institution eco-friendly.

Work Flow of Fees Management

  • Fees management master settings used to set fees modules.

  • Create and manage fees head which is used to maintain fees categories under a fees head.

  • Create and manage fees categories, amount for fees payment.

  • Fee schedule used to schedule fees start dates, end dates, and standard wise fees allocation.

  • Add and manage fine and fine amount for those who are paying after due date.

  • Perfect Fees Payment structure to pay fees, balance payment, student search, payment history etc.

  • Ability to manage fees payment, canceling, view and print bills.

  • MIS report generation helps to generate payment report, income report, standard wise report, cancelled bill report.

We offer a complete solution for Fees Management

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